Upcoming: code cleanup

This will not really be visible, but after several years of just trying to keep this project alive and adding some new stuff here and there it’s now become overdue to show the code base some more love and do an overall cleanup.

I’m aiming for:

  • improving the comment situation in general
  • making sure all functions and methods have proper docstrings
  • converting existing docstrings to NumPi format
  • removing dead / unused code
  • replacing the old test code with proper unit and integration tests

Starting with the OCitysMap code, and then the Django web frontend and API code later.

This code base has gone through a few hands, and I never really was a “Python Guy”, only really having learned Python “on the go”, so lots of this cleanup will actually be about improving code added by my earlier self when I was in sort of a “Python Brogrammer” state and didn’t know better yet.

See also https://github.com/hholzgra/ocitysmap/issues/69 for progress on this.

Hopefully this will make future feature additions more easy, and maybe also attract more outside code contributions ….

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