Temporary service lag


Update 2: CREATE INDEX just finished, OSM planet DB catching up with diffs again now. WayMarkedTrais route DB still not applying diffs right now for IO bandwidht reasons, will start to catch up when main database is up to date again

Update: data import finished, but GIS index still being built, and system still IO bound with that. So regular diff imports will only be resumed some time tomorrow (hopefully)

I’m currently importing contour line data provided by OpenSnowMap.

To reduce IO load I’ve disabled diff imports on the main and waymarked route databases for now, so latestest OSM changes from today are currently not rendered.

I expect the contours import to finish in the afternoon, and then diff imports to catch up before the end of the day.

SVG hiking route symbols

Route symbols in the WayMarkedTrails overlays were originally pre-rendered in fixed size PNG format, this lead to rather pixelized output, especially on large paper sizes, as the PNGs were made for screen resolution, not for high DPI printing.

Now symbol generation has been switched to produce scalable SVGs instead, so producing much sharper output:

Old: pixelized PNG images:


New: sharp SVG images