Upcoming Downtime, New Server

I’m preparing to move to new (faster and more affordable) server.

If all goes well I’ll move services over to the new machine on Sunday evening (September 30th, 18:00UTC).

During the switchover the service will be offline for an hour or two, for moving over existing rendering results to the new machine and doing some testing.

After that rendering should be a little bit faster as all databases will fit on the machines SSDs then, and there will be enough “rotating rust” HDD space for keeping rendered results around for a few months instead of just a some two weeks again.

HTTP api now live, and new, shorter host names

The first public version of the HTTP API is now live, allowing you to submit render request from within your own applications.

Also new, shorter, host names now exist to access the service, instead of https://maposmatic.osm-baustelle.de/ you can now also use https://print.get-map.org/ and https://api.get-map.org/ , all of these being aliases for the same MapOSMatic instance.

There’s also API documentation, including a few simple PHP example programs, available as HTML and PDF