Server reinstall

After running the current machine for almost two and a half years now I decided it was time for an operating system update and some cleanups, including a fresh OSM data re-import. While I was on it I also switched from Ubuntu to Debain, as I had already done for my development / test VMs for a while now.

The migration is mostly complete now, things currently still missing are:

* The local Weblate translation instance is not back yet. I’m not sure what the actual problem is here and need to read myself into the topic once more, this may take another week or two.
* The OpenArdenneStyle and some of the OpenOrienteeringMap styles are still disabled for now due to problems, these should be back by the end of the week latest
* Some of the images in this blog got lost (I would like to blame WordPress, but have to confess that it was completely my fault after all)

If you find any other problem that I may not be aware of yet please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via

One thought on “Server reinstall”

  1. Hi Hartmut,

    About one missing thing since the migration: the contour line overlay 100 m seems to be missing (only the 10 m remains but rather impractical on mountain maps).
    Huge thanks for the awesome work !

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