OpenLayers -> Leaflet and other improvements

I added some more improvements to my MapOSMatic instance:

  • selecting a GUI language works again
  • slippy maps are now created with Leaflet instead of OpenLayers
  • rendered maps list and details page now show rendered area
  • city search is fast again

(details below)

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OSM Summer Camp 2016 – Essen

I just returned from this years OSM Summer Camp, held in combination with the sixth FOSSGIS hacking event in and around the Linuxhotel.

Aside from celebrating the 12th OSM birthday I continued to hack on my local href=”MapOSMatic instance, the web editor for printable neighborhood maps, and MariaDB/MySQL and SpatiaLite backends for osm2pgsql.

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Customize POI maps for your neighbourhood

I created a new web frontend to the MapOSMatic rendering backend that supports putting POI markers on a slippy map and then renders a map with markers set on the map and a customized index sidebar that contains given marker titles and icons.

There’s also preliminary documentation and, of course, a GitHub repository for it.

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