OSM Summer Camp 2016 – Essen

I just returned from this years OSM Summer Camp, held in combination with the sixth FOSSGIS hacking event in and around the Linuxhotel.

Aside from celebrating the 12th OSM birthday I continued to hack on my local href=”MapOSMatic instance, the web editor for printable neighborhood maps, and MariaDB/MySQL and SpatiaLite backends for osm2pgsql.


  • fixed a typo that broke multi page map output
  • prepared for updating the database once per day
  • enabled OpenTopoMap style (but without contour lines so far)

Neighborhood plans

  • rearranged icons in the sidebar
  • fixed broken documentation link
  • see also this separate separate blog post about it


  • finished the port of my previous MySQL output layer to the new C++ code base of osm2pgsql
  • added a SQLite/SpatiaLite output backend, too
  • started to clean up my changes to bring them into mergeable form

A more detailed post about this endeavor will follow soon, for now you can check out the corresponding branch on GitHub

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