Vagrant setup: refactoring

If you are using the Maposmatic Vagrant test setup, you may notice that its directory layout has changed a bit over the last days.

Aside from the elevation model related changes mentioned in the previous post, most change really just reorganized paths and changed directory and file names.

Some of the more notable changes beside the renames:

  • Style and overlay install scripts now no loner write out ocitysmap.cnf snippets, instead for each style setup .sh file there is now also an .ini file containing the ocitysmap.cnf style declaration block only. The script then creates a new ocitysmap.cnf file when run, by collecting all the .ini files from the styles and overlays sub directories, creating the available_styles: and available_overlays: lists from this, and concatenating all the .ini snippets to the end of the config file. As the config file is now re-created from scratch each time now this should be more robust than the previous approach.
  • The file is more detailed now, including information on e.g. file system layout, adding new styles, or provisioning real servers …
  • The number of “red” lines shown during provisioning has been reduced as much as possible, and the remaining ones that can’t be avoided are listed in the README. Anything mentioned there can be considered OK, any other red lines should be considered a failure that someone should look into

Vagrant setup: hill shading and contour line setup

Originally the provisioning of the Vagrant test setup just installed hill shading and contour lines for a fixed area (parts of Germany).

From now on during provisioning the actual area covered by the imported OSM data file gets determined, then all the SRTM 90m zone files overlapping with the data bounding box are downloaded and processed to produce hill shading, relief, and contour lines data for the data area.

Depending on the size of your import datas bounding box this may slow down provisioning a bit, but on the pro side you get your actual data area covered instead of just a part of Germany you may not even be interested in.