Natural sorting

So far street names that start or end in a number were sorted in simple textual order, e.g. 1-10-11-…-19-2-20-21-…

Now, with the help of the Python “natsort” package, these will be listed in “natural” order, like 1-2-…-10-11-…-19-20-21-…

At first this only worked for ASCII / Latin numbers, but with two little fixes to the “natsort” package it should now work for all numeric unicode characters (tested with Persian/Farsi so far).

Remembering defaults

There have been a few small, but very useful user interface changes recently:

  • When accessing the service for the first time the map will be centered to your current location, when detactable. The old “Bielefeld” default will only be used when location data is not available
  • From there on the map will be centered to the the area you last used for creating a map
  • The layout, style, and overlay you had used in your last request will be remembered and used as default choices, instead of just pre-selecting the first choice.