Neighborhood map improvements

I finally managed to show the neighborhood map web front end some love to add a few long overdue improvements:

  • Basic gettext() localization support was added to allow for multiple front end languages
  • Points of interest can now be added to groups using an extra [+] button

So far the localization support is rather limited as it only supports English and German localizations for now, and chooses the language based on browser preferences only. In the long run this should be integrated into the Weblate translation infrastructure on to allow for more user contributed translations.

The language choice right now is strictly based on the preferred language choice transmitted by the browser, in the future it should be possible to choose a different language from within the web user interface itself.

The user interface — hopefully — got a bit more intuitive and less confusing by now having a [+] button on each group entry. This should make adding new POIs to a group more obvious than the context menu approach used so far.

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