New server coming up

After the recent server failure, and the restore problems involved with this, I decided to upgrade to new server with some extra RAM and SSD space.

This took a bit longer to be provided due to some CPU shortages, but I now have access to the machine and have started to set it up. I hope to have it ready for testing by tomorrow, and it should be ready to fully take over on the next weekend.

The key figures are that the new machine has 128GB instead of 64GB, and 7TB of SSD space instead of the previous 2TB SSD plus 3TB HDD.

The extra RAM should help with the “out of memory” errors during rendering which happen every once in a while with large map areas.

The extra SSD space now allows to have the full database on fast storage, and has enough headroom for adding a few imposm based stiles, which was not possible so far.

One thought on “New server coming up”

  1. Ok, initial database finished within about 10 hours, that is at least twice as fast as on the old machine if I remember correctly.

    Also a few first map styles can already be rendered, showing a general ca. 30% speedup of render times.

    Right now I’m debugging why some styles do not yet want to render, and prepare for importing the extra data needed for the WayMarkedTrails overlays …

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