Upcoming: new papersize form step

There will be some upcoming changes to the paper size form step during the weekend, hopefully making the paper size selection a bit more intuitive.

This is roughly how it will look like:


Compared to the current radio button based solution:


So there will be several changes:

  • the radio buttons are gone
  • for the predefined paper sizes format and orientation can be selected with just one click instead of two
  • custom paper sizes can be given, too, not just the predefined ones
  • there’ll be a simple preview of the paper orientation and aspect ratio

It is mostly working on my development system already, and just needs some more minor tweaks and testing to be ready for the public site, most likely going live tomorrow (Saturday Feb 1st, 2020).

While looking more fancy, it actually makes the Javascript side of things a good bit simpler than before, preparing for the addition of more features I had been planning for (and asked for), like showing scale and zoom level estimates in advance, and finally being able to also selecting a specific scale, like e.g. 1:50000, to provide prints matching up with existing maps in scale.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add all this over the extended, going live with these extra new features by Monday latest, too …

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