Yet another database re-import

TL;DR: there have been some database and rendering daemon hickups over the weekend which should now be resolved. Main database is up to date again, “Waymarked Trails” route overlay database is still catching up …

In February I had to reimport the OSM planet database completely as I had originally imported with “hstore-match-only”, which ignores objects that do not match any of the tags/columns explicitly specified in the osm2pgsql import stylefile. This filtered out a lot of objects only used in the “extra” style sheets and overlays.

Unfortunately I removed “hstore-match-only” from the initial import script, but not from the script that applies minutely diffs to keep the database up to date.

So objects added only after the initial import were still filtered out, and I had to start over with yet another fresh import. I did this import on another machine and had planned to copy over the database directory, then quickly swap files to minimize downtime.

Unfortunately the process didn’t went as smooth as expected, and I also didn’t notice that I killed the render daemon at some point along the way.

Everything is restored just fine though now, and I verified that objects are no longer filtered out when importing minutely diffs.

Hopefully this was the last full re-import for quite a while now …

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