MapOSMatic now supporting overlay stylesheets

My instance of MapOSMatic and its OCitysMap render backend now both support rendering of overlay stylesheets on top of the selected base style.

Available overlays

Currently two overlays are available:

  • a simple overlay that just adds fire hydrant icons to the map
  • Mapnik Golf Overlay – an overlay that renders extra details for golf courses



Currently only a single overlay may be added, a future version may support stacking of multiple overlays.


Overlay stylesheets are configured the same way as regular styles in the ocitysmap configuration file, but are listed in the available_overlays list of the [rendering] section instead of the available_stylesheets list.

One thought on “MapOSMatic now supporting overlay stylesheets”

  1. Impressive how much effort you put in this piece of software. The OSS community should pamper people like you.
    Thank you for your work!

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